‘I Know Who You Are’ (Top 3 Moments)


The latest episode of The Flash – Season 3 takes the word hype to a whole new level. For weeks, debates on who Savitar is keeps running around. Is he Ronnie? Is he Eddie? or is he really Barry Allen? Tonight, the debate was finally put to end as the show revealed who Savitar is. As you go along this article, you will read the Top 3 moments of the episode based on my perspective.

Tracy Brand, The New Girl (Top 3)

Top 2
Photo from CW

I have been going through a lot of sources to find Tracy’s origin story. But I came up short for the reason that she is an original character created in the Arrowverse. Well, there are a lot of comic characters that may be linked to her such as  Cynthia Brand, or even Tracy Simmons and that’s the closest I can get. So, let’s just talk about her appearance to the show. On a personal note, I kinda like how superheroes end up having female teammates. For Team Arrow they got Felicity Smoak a.k.a. Overwatch and for Team Flash who used to have Caitlin Snow, turned Killer Frost (which I will be talking about a little later). Does this mean, Tracy Brand will fill-in the place of Caitlin? Or the show’s building her up for a different path? I don’t know, this looks like she sit on that spot in the future, maybe around season 4.

As I’ve noticed, the character she portrayed in this episode was entirely different to who she was when Barry talked to Emo Barry from the future. I can’t possibly imagine how it feels to be on her shoes, can you? I mean, put yourself in her place, how would you actually process the thought that in the future you will be a nobel prize winner, a respected and a successful scientist who actually trapped an evil speedster in the speed force but the moment you knew that in the present you are nothing but a rejected scientist trying to catch the bus for a job that is entirely different to what you think you are good at?

Tracy 2
Her again?!


Going back to the show, it really feels weird to have someone try to kill you… twice! I agree with her when she said “what did I ever do to you?” that’s what I am trying to understand right now. Most villains I encounter always have that short monologue before attacking their victims. This time, it was different. Maybe that’s a thing in The Flash’s world? I understand that he’s able to stop his enemies with his speed but come on, I think it is still right to give a few seconds or a minute of spotlight for those villains. And I suggest you villains would request that from your creators.

Kidding aside, Tracy… Tracy… Tracy… Look who you got as an admirer. It’s pretty obvious that H.R. was trying to hit on you and by the looks of it, you actually like him too. I can see that the show is forming a possible relationship in the future between H.R. and Tracy. I can’t say much about you because I have no basis to compare you with. An honest request, if you will be part of Team Flash, would you make the line “I am the fastest man alive” come true? It’s been 3 seasons already which means there were 2 villains that were dealt with who were a lot faster than Barry Allen. Goodluck Tracy and please finish that trap for Savitar already. 🙂


Full Blown Killer Frost or Caitlin Frost? (Top 2)

Top 3
Killer Frost or Caitlin Frost?

Full blown yet has not killed anyone so. I think I should call her Caitlin Frost for now. At first I feel kinda sad for her but after seeing this episode I got excited as Caitlin’s character developed into an entirely badass villain? Or is she? I’m still having these thoughts that Cisco, H.R., Julian and the rest of the Team Flash will find its way to bring back Caitlin Snow.  Who knows, it would be nice if it will actually be Caitlin Frost, rather than Killer Frost? Would you like to her turn from a badass villain to a badass Team Flash member? Well, let’s just wait and see.

Top 4
Frozone Scene

I loved the scene wherein she just Frozoned (hope you understand the reference) her way to catch up to where Tracy is. If you have read older versions of The Flash comics you might remember Louise Lincoln a.k.a. Crystal Frost. I believe the show incorporated her in some way to the show by letting Killer Frost use that power she has, but still, Frozoning her way to kill Tracy was such a badass, I didn’t even noticed The Flash running over a lot of buildings.

I cannot wait how the show will use Killer Frost in the future but I predict that she might be one of the big villains for Season 4. That’s just me, how about you?


The Big Reveal. Or was it? (Top 1)

Top 1
It’s about time!

Finally! The moment we’ve all been waiting for! The top 1 moment for almost all the fans of the Flash. All those debates, those heated arguments, and even those bets you placed on who Savitar is has concluded. It is about damn time to see who he really is. Were you on Ronnie, Eddie, or Barry’s side? Personally, my money was on the time remnant he created when he and Zoom fought last season. You can’t blame me because it is also logical to consider that the time remnant got trapped in the speed force during that fight. I just thought I will put my money on that time remnant. Somehow I was right that it was Barry Allen, but it’s just that Savitar was created from the future.

Future flash.jpg
Savitar a.k.a. Future Flash

Questions!!! I have a lot of questions!!!

  1. If it was Barry all along, why was he in a suit? 
  2. Is he still a speedster without a suit?
  3. What was/were his reason/s to turn evil?
  4. How did he get that scar?

These questions can only be answered through time. But I have to say, the moment this scene was up, my jaw dropped as I was shocked not because it was Barry, but because I can feel that stench of evil that lingers through him. It was scary and exciting, I can’t possibly imagine the following events that will occur on the rest of the season. This is ‘that’ time the creators of the show make the most exciting and most badass episodes that you should not miss. After this scene, I felt worried about a lot of things too. It was seen from the previous episodes that there will be that time Savitar kills Iris West. Will it still happen? Or does that mean someone else will? I can’t ignore the thought that maybe someone from Team Flash has to bid goodbye. Moments like these turn out to have those endings and that makes me sad. We just have to brace ourselves as we go along the rest of the season. Will save up some of my thoughts for the future episodes!

You guys have to catch up as I can feel that battle between the fastest man alive himself. Will it be the present, or the future? For now I will leave you with these questions and let’s talk about that on the comments section.


  1. Would you like Tracy Brand to be a part of Team Flash?
  2. What are your thoughts on the ‘Full-Blown’ Killer Frost’?
  3. If Savitar was Barry all along, why was he in a suit? 
  4. Is Savitar still a speedster without a suit?
  5. What was/were Savitar’s reason/s to turn evil?
  6. How did Savitar got that scar?


Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed! See you next week!

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