The Flash: S03E21 (Cause and Effect)

A lot has happened since the start of Season 3. There was ‘Flashpoint’, ‘The Dominators’ invasion, Team Flash’s constant effort to find a way how to stop Savitar, Barry’s decision to meet his future self , then down to last week’s big reveal on who the speed god really is.

If you have read my previous post on Episode 19 ‘I Know Who You Are’, I have stated questions which I believe some of them were answered by today’s occasion and so, I’d like you to find out the answers by reading the rest of the post. Here’s my ‘Top 3 Moments’ for the ‘Cause and Effect’ episode.

Barry’s Psychogenic Amnesia Trip

If you have watched episode 21 titled ‘Cause and Effect’ you have seen that the team has finally found one way to stop the speed god. And that is by putting Barry into a psychogenic amnesia. I don’t know what psychogenic amnesia means so let’s just call it amnesia. I will be breaking this trip down to different pieces so that you will understand what I’m trying to say.

Stop Barry from making new memories.png

‘Stop Barry From Making New Memories’

The idea was thought of by none other than the savviest tech guy in Team Flash, Francisco Ramon. He and Julien created this device to stop Barry from creating new memories. They thought it will work as it was designed but the machine malfunctioned making Barry forget all his memories including his name, his parents, his powers and even the love of his life. I thought for a second “Man, this idea is just terrible” but as the show just went on, it was revealed that Vibe’s creation proved the theory about the connection of the present Barry’s memories to Savitar’s. Barry not being able to remember all of his memories left the speed god in the same state he was in.

But of course, this idea is just too boring and a major dead-end for the show, it is obvious that this is not the way they will be stopping Savitar. As you have seen, Killer Frost was not happy about that so she found her way back to Star Labs to let Team Flash know that doing this only makes it worse. Savitar is indeed just one villain Central City has and there are tons of them running around causing terror among the citizens. Without Barry’s memories, he does not know that he is a speedster, and without the knowledge of the flashpoint, Kid Flash does not have his powers (because Savitar gave it to him).

Look at THE EYES!!! Those are Caitlin’s Eyes!

Killer Frost is Still Caitlin Snow

I myself was disheartened to see that she has turned into a Full-Blown Killer Frost. But, this episode gave me hope that somehow, deep down, Caitlin is still there.

So the scene went on like this. The brains of Team Flash (Caitlin, Vibe and Julien) once again teamed up for the purpose of bringing back Barry and Savitar’s memories. As they were finishing the device, Cisco had to throw that very important speech about him, Caitlin and Ronnie working on the Particle Accelerator. As someone who hopes that Caitlin will return to the team, the scene where she butted in and shouted “Take Charge!” just made me shed a tear. I did not expect that she still has that soft spot for the team. But man I got so emotional I just had to stop for a moment and appreciate this very lovely scene. Well done Cisco Ramone!

But just like any other villain, she has to maintain her character. So just made her way to finish the device and went on to her own plans. The device was put to test later on when Heat Monger showed up and started burning a building in Central City.

That is so crash!

Bart, The Streak, The Flash! THAT IS SO CRASH!

Going back to when Barry first had his amnesia. He wanted to be called as Bart Allen and the first thing that came into mind was “ARE THEY REALLY TEASING BART ALLEN’S APPEARANCE IN THE SHOW?!” I am a huge Young Justice fan and by hearing that name, who in the comics was Barry’s grandson and a speedster named “Impulse” was just crash!(only those who watched young justice will get the reference).

Moving on to Barry’s suggestion of naming himself as ‘The Streak’ man, that is so season 1! But I don’t know what the creators of the show are teasing. Are you giving us hints that in order to stop Savitar, he has to go back to the past? I’ll just leave this theory in play.

The psychogenic amnesia trip ended when Barry came into his senses when the device was turned up and Iris’ talked him through the oldest yet the most important memory he had to remember to jumpstart all of his memories. Caitlin’s remarkable help to the team even when she was in Killer-Frost mode made me think that she was doing it for Barry. But I can’t remove the thought that she also did it for Savitar and her becoming gods. And that my friends is another question that I’m hoping will be answered by the season finale.


barry savitar 2.png
The amount of CG is too damn high!

The Flash vs. Savitar (Round 1)

At the start of the episode, The Flash and Savitar was just continuing their talk after the reveal which led to the first round of the real fight! A 3-4 minute scene of pure badass right there folks!

time remnant.png
Nailed it!! Kinda?

Savitar Was A Time Remnant

A lot of people thought that Barry was a time remnant that was trapped in the speedforce from Season 2’s fight against Zoom. Somehow all of the people who thought (that includes me) of this was right. He was indeed a time remnant but not from Zoom’s fight. As the speed god himself explained, he was created when Barry created time remnants of himself to defeat Savitar. Wait, what? That sounds confusing isn’t it? But to clear things up, Savitar was one of the time remnants Barry created from the battle between ‘The Flash and Savitar’ 4 years after Iris died. The speed god killed all but one and that was him. There were fair amounts of reasons that were mentioned that made him as evil as he is. He was not accepted by the real Barry, Joe, and Cisco because they thought he was not real, that he was just an aberration. And another thing that made him is how broken he was to the point that he decides to become a god by killing the one he loves so that he will be driven so far into the dark in the future. Freaky right?

Legends of Tomorrow Reference / Cause and Effect

Evil Barry mentioned something about him being an aberration, and that made me think that somehow, Barry’s message to the Legends from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow hinted us on who Savitar was. How on Earth did I miss that? So that just means that we should also watch other shows that are connected to the CW Universe. Man these timelines, universes and multiverses should not be ignored. Better keep that in mind folks!

barry savitar 1
“My suit’s cooler than yours” – Savitar

Round 1

Before I go through this. A question I posted on my previous post was answered. I wanted to know if Savitar is still a speedster without a suit? Yes, indeed. So him with the suit makes him more superior than the present Flash.

Okay, round 1 started with an uppercut which then followed by a chokehold. Who on Earth would think a supervillain like him did not come prepared? For this round I am on Savitar’s side because of the fact that his suit is way beyond cooler than Flash’s red suit. The amount of CG is too damn high! But what made it interesting is that somehow, they teased us that Savitar’s suit was an alternative to The Flash’s ring. Will The Flash’s ring actually be used on season 4? Well I certainly hope Cisco will find a way to do that so Barry would not have to go back to Star Labs and suit up before fighting crimes.

I will leave these questions unanswered for now. And I would love to discuss theories about these too.

  1. How would Team Flash defeat Savitar?
  2. Will the speed god still kill Iris?
  3. Observing the consistency from the previous seasons, there must be someone who will die from Team Flash before defeating the villain. Who do you think will it be?

Speedforce Bazooka’s Power Source

There were few scenes that involved Tracy. But it cannot be denied that it is one of the most important ones. Tracy finally finished the weapon that will defeat Savitar. But… In order for them to do that, an inexplicable amount of power source should be used. The only thing I’ve understood from the science behind all of they’re discussing is that the energy they need should be stronger than the sun… What does that mean?


I’m sure that this device is what they are talking about. I just finished watching Season 2 of Young Justice and from what I understood about alien tech, “IT IS A BAD IDEA” I hope that they can find another way to bring that bazooka into life but if they have no choice, then perform a heist, get that device, use it to power the weapon, stop Savitar but face the consequences that will follow. Alien tech should never be messed with at all cost.

king shark.png

One last thing before I end this post. KING SHARK IS BACK!!! Well I certainly cannot wait what is role would be for the rest of the season but I hope I’m pretty sure he’ll be The Flash’s enemy (you don’t say).

And that covers some of my thoughts on the latest episode of The Flash. Now I would like to ask these questions to you.

  1. How would Team Flash defeat Savitar?
  2. Will the speed god still kill Iris?
  3. Observing the consistency from the previous seasons, there must be someone who will die from Team Flash before defeating the villain. Who do you think will it be?

Would love to discuss it on the comments.

And that’s it for my Top 3 moments for the ‘Cause and Effect’ episode! I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Please share this to your friends who also watch The Flash. Thank you for reading and see you next week!

PS: A huge thanks to Quan XStyle for the featured image!



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