Good To Be Back (Insane Ragnarok Online)

screenInsaneRO048Been playing Insane Ragnarok Online for a few days now and I must say I am impressed.

PK Server


Base Level: x10000 | Job Level: x10000

Normal Drop: x100

MVP Drop: Custom

I told myself that the next time I will play Ragnarok Online, I will be posting a review. So here it is. All the information I have written here were all based on my observation. Time to see Disturbia’s journey as a new player of Insane RO.


Get your freebies from this cute little girl!

As a new player, It is always best to have your starting equips prepared. Some of you would like to earn those gears through hunting but this NPC will make sure you will not experience that anymore! This cute little girl will give you the following:

1 Silver Valkyrie Set (A custom set created by Insane RO which is somehow similar to the Valkyrian Set dropped by Valkyrie Randgris)

5 pcs of Field Manual

Take note that every character you create includes 1 Doppelganger Card

After claiming this from her, you can use the @warp + (example: prt_fild04, gef_fild05)  to start your levelling journey. Plan ahead by knowing which job you would want to have first. I recommend having a sniper first to have an easier farming experience for your equips. Having a sniper means you need to have a lot of arrows in your inventory. Do not be disheartened as the game has the ‘unlimited arrow’ feature. You just need 1 arrow and you will survive! No need to restock when you run out of ammunition.

But hey, who am I to dictate how you want to start the game? But if you want to consider my suggestion just do it. It’s the easiest way based on my experience all throughout the years.

The Mall!!!

The Mall

Yes! You would not need to shop in different towns like before. Vendors are placed in one map and that is The Mall! There are 2 ways to reach this place, by typing @go 25 on your chat or through the Mall Warper NPC located at Prontera (157, 187).

What makes The Mall a good place place to shop?

Upper Left of Mall

At the upper left side of the mall, you’ll see the following NPCs (list’s order is from left to right)

  • Headgear Shop 1
  • Wedding Shop
  • Pet Store
  • Blacksmith Shop
  • Novice Shop
  • Ammunition
  • Fuuma Shuriken
  • Guns
  • Musical Instrument
  • Whips
  • Knuckles
  • Katars
  • Daggers
  • Rods and Staff
  • Bows
  • Maces

If you are looking for weapons to start with, you can buy them here.


Now walk to the upper right side of the map, you will see the other NPCs that are selling:

  • One-handed and Two-handed Spears
  • One-handed Axes
  • One-handed Swords
  • Talisman (Portable Soul Link)
  • Other Armors (Headgear, Top, Shield, Garment, Footgear and Accessories)

After browsing through these NPCs, the best feature of The Mall is its custom NPCs.

Invasion Shop

I have not won the Invasion event yet but I believe the items/currency needed to get these rare headgears will be coming from that event. So when you see that a town is being invaded, participate and hope that you’ll win it.

Supply Master

One of the the ways to earn money is by selling Yggdrasil Boxes and Box of Thunder. Exchange 100 pieces of each into a box, putting it in a box makes it more convenient. How do you acquire these items?

Yggdrasil Berries

  • Remove unnecessary items (To increase weight capacity)
  • Type @alootid + 607
  • Type @warp prt_maze03
  • And voila, kill as many Baphomet Jr. as you can!

Box of Thunder

  • Hunt 1 Gargoyle Card (@warp gl_sew02)
  • Put it in any accessory you want
  • Kill as many Insect mobs as you can!

Hunt as many as you can for personal use or sell it to have funds for other items!


Instead of using a megaphone to sell stuff, find people or even share your corniest jokes, Insane RO provides us with a broadcaster! All you need to do is pay 2,000,000 zenies and you are good to broadcast.

Broadcast any message you want!

Voting System

Insane RO is registered to 4 voting sites. That gives you 8 vote points every 12 hours. Your vote will not be put to waste because of the rewards you can claim!

What are the rewards?

Hourly Rewards

Another thing that makes you play longer is their Hourly Rewards NPC! You can exchange your Poring Coins (received every hour you play your character) into these items.


I don’t know a lot of things about Matias but as far as I know he trades 1 silver coin for 40 bronze coins.

Tony The Quest Master

This is yet the best NPC I have encountered so far! I am that kind of player who loves doing quests! Tony the Quest Master gives us a lot of option whether you need a headgear, wings, or weapons. Name it, he has it! All you need to do is give him the required items!

Choose an item and hunt for the required materials! Happy hunting!

Platinum Skill and Universal Rental NPC

Type @go 0 then when you reach Prontera, walk a little to the left and you will see these lovely ladies who will teach you extra skills intended for your class and lend you a falcon, a cart or a mount!

Credit Exchanger

Are you afraid that your zeny might overflow? Exchange your zenies into credits!

10,000,000 zenies = 1 credit


Private MVP Room / MVP Warper

Another good feature Insane RO has is its Private MVP Room NPC. If you like to hunt MVPs privately, this is the best NPC for you. Mind you that it is not cheap because you have to pay 30,000,000 zenies first before you are allowed to enter! If you don’t mind paying that huge sum of money then go ahead. But if you are on a tight budget, do not worry as there is an NPC free of charge but with a risk of fighting other players. Remember, this server is a PK-server and you gotta fight for your life when you are outside the towns!

Wise Old Woman / Hollgrehenn / Repairman

Are you looking for a repairman, a card remover and an equipment refiner NPC? Say no more because all you have to do is type @warp prt_in 57 64 and  you will see them! Explore the inn for more NPCs!

Dead Branch Room Warper

If you like hunting Dead Branches to summon mini-bosses or common mobs, you have to go here!

Dead Branch Room Warper

Gold Room Warper

Finally, the game changer! I was used to hunting gold by killing Dokebis, so what makes this NPC the game changer is the fact that you don’t need to kill Dokebis for it! All you need to do is pay 100,000 zenies and you will be warped to the gold room filled with Golden Pecopecos! Just a friendly reminder, the map is PK-Active so you better gear up defensively too. Stock Yggdrasil Berries to survive.

Gold Room Warper

Thanks for reading my personal guide for newbies! If you want more guides to be done, comment on this post or send me a message!

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